Apply for Little Zebra funds

If you are a geneticist or genetic counselor in the San Francisco Bay Area, follow these steps to request Little Zebra funds for your patient:

  1. Email us with “Application for Funding” in the title of your message. We will send you the intake form & a link to our HIPAA compliant Box uploader.

  2. Complete the intake form, which requests the following information:

    • Ordering provider details

    • Minimal patient data

    • Availability of pre and post test genetic counseling

    • Genetic test and clinical laboratory information

  3. Upload the completed intake form & proof of insurance denial.


Clinical LaB Partners

  • Providers may order testing from any clinical lab

  • The Little Zebra Fund will pay:

    • Up to $3000 for trio whole exome

    • Up to $500 for single gene testing or multi-gene panels

    • Contact us to inquire about other tests

  • The following labs have agreed to provide lower cost testing to our Little Zebras:

    • MNG Laboratories

    • GeneDx

    • Invitae

    • PerkinElmer Genomics

    • PreventionGenetics

    • Contact Little Zebra Fund for specific prices

HIPAA Compliance

  • Online form and insurance documents submitted to our HIPAA compliant box database

  • By submitting this online form, provider confirms that consent has been obtained to share identifiable information with The Little Zebra Fund and the San Francisco Public Health Foundation


  • Payments made directly to the clinical laboratory by the Little Zebra Fund

  • Little Zebra funds will be made available to each major medical genetics group in the SF Bay Area on a needs basis

Location Restriction

  • Little Zebra funds are currently only available to qualified providers in the SF Bay Area

  • We plan to expand our services as our non-profit grows

  • Contact us to be notified when our services expand


Your Support Matters

Make A Donation

100% of donated funds will go directly toward the cost of genetic testing and necessary operating costs, including the vital support of our fiscal sponsor, the San Francisco Public Health Foundation.



We are fortunate to be partnered with the following clinical genetic testing labs:

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