The Little Zebra Fund provides universal access to clinical genetic testing by eliminating financial obstacles.


The Problem

  • Most requests for insurance authorization of genetic testing are denied or only partially covered

  • Families may be left responsible for up to thousands of dollars

  • Access to diagnostic testing is limited to those who can afford it

  • Families are waiting months to years to receive a diagnosis

  • Patients are denied timely access to a targeted & focused care plan

  • Providers are spending countless hours fighting insurance companies for test authorization


Without a diagnosis, patients cannot benefit from the life-changing outcomes listed below. Your donation will help make these powerful impacts a reality for someone today!


The Impact

  • Targeted & cost-effective care

  • Prevention of/screening for future complications

  • Increased access to services & supplies

  • Identification of other affected family members

  • Family planning

  • Helping families connect through diagnosis-specific groups around the world

  • In some instances, a specific treatment or cure


Your support matters

Make A Donation

100% of donated funds will go directly toward the cost of genetic testing and necessary operating costs, including the vital support of our fiscal sponsor, the San Francisco Public Health Foundation.